EASY $35 VPN Server (Provoke Job Interviewers!) – Free Lab Friday: Episode 1

EASY $35 VPN Server (Provoke Job Interviewers!) – Free Lab Friday: Episode 1

In this video it is doubtless you’ll presumably be taught plan up your individual private VPN server on a Raspberry Pi. Exhaust this to provoke job interviewers, privacy on public WiFi, and factual for studying!

Right here’s idea to be one of my favourite Raspberry Pi projects. You may perchance attain this on a new model 4 or Raspberry Pi 3. I genuinely own impressed extra than one job interviewers by displaying them this setup. It may perchance presumably presumably simply no longer be impressive for a mid level or developed predicament, however this will presumably surely plan you rather than assorted entry level candidates. Feel free to assemble it to your individual and judge the total credit rating, factual subscribe to my channel in return 😉

In this video we make a VPN connection to our home community that can even be oldschool from even hundreds — sure, THOUSANDS — of miles away. Descend a statement below when you win caught or need attend!

Be sure that that that to treasure and subscribe, I’m hoping to attain no no longer up to idea to be such a month-to-month.

Pointers (Helps me make command) – paypal.me/agraytech


0: 00 – Intro
0: 17 – Intro (What and Why)
0: 50 – What we are going to be able to configure
3: 16 – Why right here’s cool, how it may perchance well presumably presumably enable you to win a job
4: 05 – Configuration Begins – No IP Setup
4: 44 – Configuring the Raspberry Pi
5: 45 – Alternate the Pi’s Password!
6: 05 – Enabling SSH
6: 27 – Setting Static IP
7: 42 – Configuring No IP Dynamic Substitute Client on Raspberry Pi
10: 10 – Configuring PiVPN
15: 05 – Rising OpenVPN Client Profile
15: 33 – Extracting the shopper profile the utilization of SFTP and filezilla
16: 43 – Adding OpenVPN Client Profile to iPhone the utilization of iTunes
17: 04 – Configure port forwarding on ATT Router
19: 05 – iPhone Configuration
19: 37 – Termius Demo
20: 24 – Conclusion


Purchase a Raspberry Pi 4 equipment – https://amzn.to/2Cy2N0V (affiliate hyperlink, helps me make command)

Raspberry Pi 4 (factual computer) – https://amzn.to/3hsJvZj (affiliate hyperlink, helps make extra labs)

No IP Dynamic Substitute Client directions:
https://www.noip.com/give a win to/knowledgebase/set up-ip-duc-onto-raspberry-pi/

Methods to Location Static IP on Raspberry Pi:

My Weblog – https://AGray.Tech

Free CCNA / CCNP Lab: https://agray.tech/free-networking-labs/ccna-gre-tunnel-lab/

Pointers (Helps me make command) – https://paypal.me/agraytech

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